Support for Food Truck Court Proposal at Carnegie Park

This is a letter in support of Mr. Todd Franklin and his proposal for use of Carnegie Park in Downtown Redding for the purpose of a food truck court.

At its February Board Meeting, the Redding Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors voted to support Mr. Franklin’s vision. As an organization, the Redding Chamber is committed to the encouragement and support of private business investment in the community. The Chamber believes that this type of project will improve safety and encourage people to spend time and money in Downtown Redding, which should benefit current downtown businesses, as well as spur future investment in the district.

This specific project is an example of a public/private partnership that should allow the City of Redding to reallocate resources currently devoted to Carnegie Park to other priorities.

The Chamber is in support of those who share the vision of a safe, thriving downtown, and who are willing to take the entrepreneurial risk and invest in making that vision a reality. This project is one of several recent examples of entrepreneurs and well-established businesses choosing to invest in and operate downtown.

The Chamber will continue its efforts in Downtown Redding in transforming it from a "9-hour intersection" into a "24-hour city".

The Chamber asks that the Redding City Council vote in favor of Mr. Franklin’s proposed project for use of Carnegie Park for the purpose of a food truck court.


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