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Joining the Redding Chamber is the best investment you'll make this year!

Since 1921, the Redding Chamber has helped businesses like yours grow and prosper.  The support of over 1,200  members allows us to work on creating a favorable business climate today and a strong foundation for tomorrow.

Membership starts as low as $340.00 for the first year and is based on the type and size of your business. A quarterly payment plan is available.

Top 10 Reasons to Join the Redding Chamber

  1. Networking: With events occurring almost every week of the year and more than 1000 members, the Chamber is an outstanding way to get to know people in the business community, as potential customers, partners and friends!
  2. Advocacy Support Efforts: Many people aren't aware of a major part of our mission: to be an advocate for supporting our business community with our government.
  3. Access to Information: The Chamber publishes a variety of reports annually that provide powerful insight into the Redding marketplace. These reports are available for free to our members.
  4. Member-to-Member Discounts: Take advantage of the members who offer discounts to other members which can save you money and be an exciting opportunity to promote your business.
  5. Events: From the weekly Greeters meetings to annual events such as the Business After Hours, Chamberee and Business Expo, the Chamber presents events ideal for getting to know potential business partners and customers.
  6. Advertising Opportunities: Web Site, Membership Directory, Redding Directions
  7. Relocation Packets: 30 to 50 packets are mailed out to inquiring minds every month. Insert your brochure and reach out to potential customers.
  8. Business Education: The Chamber offers a variety of seminars throughout the year to help you in your business.
  9. An Affordable Investment: Starting at just $78/quarter for an individual, membership in the Redding Chamber is an incredibly affordable investment.
  10. Have Fun: While the Chamber has serious benefits, we help you enjoy yourself while you work. Getting to know your community through our business, educational and social events, you'll remember that the rewards of business can be personal as well as professional.
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