The Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce Supports Yes On Measure A

For Immediate Release – September 8, 2014

Redding, CA - The Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce joins the Citizens for Yes On Measure A and Sheriff Tom Bosenko in supporting Yes On Measure A. A Yes Vote on Measure A will uphold the Shasta County Board of Supervisors land use ordinance to ban all outdoor marijuana cultivation in the county. A yes vote on Measure A will reduce the excessive amount of marijuana currently being grown in the county and allow for regulated growth for medical marijuana use only. Measure A will strike a much needed balance between the legitimate medical marijuana Prop 215 patient and the health and safety of all citizens.

The mission of the Citizens for Yes On Measure A is to support and promote the regulation and oversight on marijuana cultivation in the county to reduce the widespread growth of cannabis that is not used for medicinal purposes. We are concerned about the numerous large marijuana grows in our own neighborhoods, right next door to our homes, schools, churches, and businesses. The over-production of marijuana by these large grows is getting into the hands of our young people.

Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug among today’s youth. Of the young people age 12-17 who use drugs, approximately 60 percent use marijuana only. Locally:
• 48% of 12th graders have used marijuana in the past 30 days, up 20% from previous years
• The number of 11th graders using marijuana twenty or more days a month increased 33%
• 62% of local minors entering the county’s alcohol and drug treatment listed marijuana as their primary substance of choice
• In comparison to all 58 counties in California, Shasta County ranks 4th highest with marijuana-mentioned treatment admission rates

The Chamber of Commerce currently has 930 members who employ approximately 12,500 individuals, which makes the Chamber the largest business organization in the north state.

The Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Tony Jaegel, comments, “We strongly encourage a Yes vote on Measure A. The business community, and all of our citizens, value the quality of life that we have worked so hard to achieve. Passage of Measure A would be a significant step forward in protecting our community and environment from damaging grow practices.”

Betty Cunningham, Citizens for Yes On Measure A spokesperson, stated, "Our area is an extremely attractive place for marijuana cultivation sites. If Measure A fails to pass on November 4th, our neighborhoods will continue to be a slave to marijuana cultivation where the air we breathe is permeated with nauseous fumes; fear and intimidation are a daily occurrence; property and property values are destroyed through environmental damage by the use of soil additives and pesticides negatively impacting water tables, streams and watersheds; the water you pay for and you need is being stolen, siphoned off or rerouted to marijuana grows; marijuana growers are armed and are not afraid to protect their grows with arsenals.”



Betty Cunningham
Citizens for Yes On Measure A
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