The Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce Supports REVIVE with a $1,000 Contribution

Chamber President and CEO, Frank J. Strazzarino, Jr., comments on supporting REVIVE and voting "YES" on Measure B - HERE


Excited for the jobs and opportunities that a new four-star Sheraton Hotel at Turtle Bay will bring to Redding, the Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce announced their support for a “yes” vote on November Ballot Measure B. The Chamber’s PAC is contributing $1,000 to REVIVE, the ballot measure committee leading the grassroots charge to mobilize voters that support the hotel project.

“I simply see no down side to this project. The hotel brings good paying jobs to our community, the opportunity for more business conferences and entertainment groups to come here, and a place for Redding to come together for farmers’ markets, weddings and holiday parties. What are we waiting for?” said Frank J. Strazzarino, Jr., President and CEO of the Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce.

The Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce represents over 900 local businesses and is the birthplace of many lauded community institutions such as the Asphalt Cowboys, Leadership Redding, and the annual Chamberee event.

“We are excited to have Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce on board as it is their priority to help build a thriving Redding economy,” said Rocky Slaughter, spokesperson for REVIVE Redding. “As one of the largest event organizers in the area, the Chamber has no doubt run into situations where our city has not been able to provide adequate higher-tier accommodations for larger business groups and conferences. A four-star Sheraton Hotel at Turtle Bay is an amazing opportunity to host and accommodate these types of events.”

About the issue:

The city has agreed to sell 14 acres of land for $157,000 above the appraised value and the four-star Sheraton would be built in a current parking lot adjacent to the highway. Voters will have the opportunity to approve the sale on the November ballot.

REVIVE, Redding Empowered to Vote for Increased Visitors and Employment, has more than 1,600 residents who believe that a 4-star hotel will bring jobs and new life into our city.


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