City Manager Selection

May 2, 2017

The Honorable Brent Weaver, Mayor of Redding
City of Redding
777 Cypress Ave.
Redding, CA 96002

Re: City Manager Selection

Dear Mayor Weaver,
This letter is sent to you and the other members of the City Council on behalf of the Political Action Committee of the Redding Chamber of Commerce. Its intent is to indicate the committee’s opinion regarding the selection of Redding’s next City Manager.

Our city is at a critical moment in its history from an economic standpoint. Put simply, revenues are not rising to meet the increase in the budgetary costs (escalating pension liabilities, etc.) at the City of Redding. It is time for the City Council to work with and expect that the new City Manager make the tough decisions necessary to fund essential services such as public safety and infrastructure as well as possess the acumen to guide the city through the bargaining process with union leaders and CalPERS among others.

Additionally, the selected candidate should insist upon a business-friendly culture from the top down. The individual should be open-minded to opportunities and incentives to spur economic development and eliminate barriers, real and perceived, that curb private investment in Redding.

The City Manager’s compensation structure should be tied to objective performance metrics including but not limited to:
-New Business Investment/Job Growth
-Budget Targets Met/Surpassed
The City of Redding, having no elected mayor, needs to see the importance of employing a dynamic and visionary leader in the role of City Manager. One that is optimistic, takes calculated risks, and operates with integrity.

The ideal candidate should instill hope in its organization and citizenry. This position sets the
tone for the City of Redding, and it can also influence the greater community. We urge your
careful selection of the City Manager and to see the connection between the growth of private
enterprise and a healthy city.

Jake Mangas
President & CEO
CC: Francie Sullivan, Adam McElvain, Kristen Schreder, and Julie Winter.


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